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Where the Rejected go...

When they need to brag about it!

The Rejected
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Well... we've all seen those "something-based" communities where you're supposed to submit pictures of anything from your livejournal layout to your genatalia and a group of people who are "in" judge whether you're cool enough to join them, haven't we?

Well. They're boring. They encourage things which make society sucky- flattery for its own sake, elitism, bitchiness, and mob mentality. To be beautiful, you have to look like you fit a mainstream definition, for example. One could go on, but I won't. The whole idea is to impress other people, to belong. Groucho Marx said, "I wouldn't join any club that would have me as its member," and that's what this community is all about. Why want to be a member.

This isn't a community to get sympathy and "But you really are gorgeous/talented/a worthwhile person," although that will be tolerated to a degree. The reason this community exists is a competition, of sorts, a game- rather than striving to be accepted, imagine striving to be rejected?

Because, hey, being rejected by people is at least more interesting than being down with the "in" crowd. And even if you can't crow about how you look, how smart you are or how cool you are, it's funnier- and way cooler, to prove that you're a bigger outcast than everyone else.

- No bullshit. Flaming and trolling isn't on. If you're into the "whatever-based" places, fine, stay there. We aren't hurting you. If you want to get into arguments and piss people off, join a fandom and do it there. This place is about embracing your inner reject, not about shitting all over everyone else.

- Any posts which are sexist, racist, homophobic, size-ist or bigoted in any other manner will be removed. End of story. People don't need to be made to feel bad in here, too.

- Nothing wildly OT, please. This isn't the place to bitch about said communities or users or anything else. This is the place to tell your story and post the details of your rejection. Anything OT will be removed, too.

- Three strikes and you're out. Three warnings is enough for anyone.

- Posts containing large images or nudity MUST be put behind cut tags. Some of us have crappy computers which go weird with big graphics, some of us have workplaces and parents who don't want to see us looking at adult content. Use your sense, people.

Most of all- HAVE FUN! Eventually it would be kind of cool to implement a scoreboard with who's been rejected the most- with monthly prizes or some other thing happening. We'll see how it goes.